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Modern House Exterior

We have the right service for all your pest and termite needs. 

Whether just one or an infestation of pests  or rats we understand that's too many pests in your home.


Industrial Building

Whether small or large locations, we have the experience to find the service that fits all your commercial needs.

We offer a wide range of preventative and corrective measures. 

Business Meeting

We know  what it takes to get through a real estate transaction! We know it can be hectic and are here to help.

We have the team and the right type of customer service to help you along the way.


Sanitization Services and Specialty Services

Industrial Building

Even if the pests themselves are gone, the germs and diseases might remain after they are gone. Our EPA approved products help to clean your property and eliminate your risk to viruses.

Business Meeting

From bed bugs to rodents, and real estate to property management portfolios, we offer a variety of specialty services that will help with your specific pest control needs.

Contact the Pest Experts

If you need help with a pest control problem, then click here to send us an email or give us a call at (888) 909-4773. Pest Service Direct are the pest experts who will get the job done right!

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